• ECG HR, RR
  • Retina health Analyser
  • Temperature profile

  • A.I. & Data Aqucisition

Digital Therapeutics Platform 

Medi Sense's dedicated Digital Therapeutics platform is a network solution of IoMT devices and Artificial Intelligence.

Using wireless communication to enable the exchange of vital healthcare data, giving extra insight into symptoms and trends.

With Artificial intelligence, medical professionals can efficiently diagnose and reduce error. It simplifies the lives of patients, doctors and hospital administrators by preforming tasks in lesser time and cost.

Medi Sense is commttted to the IoMT and A.I. ecosystem for Patients, Physicians and Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Our Mission

To Create An Advanced Healthcare Solution, Affordable and Beneficial to All.

Our Design & Development

  • Temperature Profile Patch 

  • One time Use (lasts 24 Hour - Non Reusable) 
  • Highly Affordable
  • Continuous Monitoring with Alerts
  • Very Useful during Covid19 Pandemic
Working with A.I. Health Domain Experts 

Retina Eye Disease 
Heart Disease 

Providing Affordable Screenings for Early Detection

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